Margo Bachman
“I have known Margo for over 10 years and know her dedication to yoga, Ayurveda and herbal healing to be extensive. Thankfully, over these years I have been the recipient of Margo’s insightful wisdom, as she has prescribed herbs for me. Her contributions in yoga, wellness and women’s health are a real blessing to the healing arts community.”
– Tias Little, Director, Prajna Yoga

“Working with Margo was one of the best decisions that I made during my pregnancy. She provided me with the nourishing support I needed. Her recommendations were practical, helpful, and I was able to easily incorporate them into my daily routine.”
– E.G.

I highly recommend Margo Bachman with Wild Rose Medicine (in Louisville, CO) as an acupuncturist and as an herbalist. She thoughtfully and thoroughly explored my concerns and issues, and she did this with a very kind heart. Her extensive knowledge of the body, combined with her extensive knowledge in Chinese medicine as well as Ayurvedic medicine helped her get results fast. I recommend her as a person as well as a practitioner. Having Margo on your team will help you have a better life.” C.C.

“Margo is extremely knowledgable and has helped me with menopause issues. Her acupuncture touch is magical. Herbs have also been helpful. I highly recommend her for health care needs.” K.S.

I have been thrilled with my experience with Margo. She has taken such wonderful care of me! I always leave her office feeling tranquil with less anxiety and overwhelm from living as a busy mom and health care professional. I am so glad I found her!” K.L.

“Margo Shapiro Bachman is an exceptional teacher of Ayurveda and yoga. Her integrity, compassion and wisdom shine through in all of her endeavors and I highly recommend her work.”
– David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri), Author and Vedic Teacher

“I can’t thank you enough for the assistance you have given me over the past 3 months. Your guidance regarding my health issues has helped to put me back on the path to better health and well-being. I am feeling better now than I have in a very long time. Who knew simple adjustments to my diet and exercise could have such a powerful impact. The herbal preparations you have recommended have brought balance in areas of my life I thought not possible. I feel so blessed that I have found a trusted health adviser. Thank you for your compassion and bless you for your skill.”
– S. S

“I was delighted to discover Margo, a gifted Ayurvedic practitioner, who happens to specialize in women and children. I had so many concerns and questions as a first time Mom, so I was blessed to have Margo as a guide in offering appropriate Ayurvedic therapies to my baby girl. It was a great added bonus that she could also offer herbal remedies and simple treatments to help with my own postpartum symptoms during this intense time.”

“I am so impressed with the personalized program that Margo develops for me. It is such a joy to follow a program and get results. She was a wonderful teacher and her delivery of the information resonated with me. Thanks Margo – Your heart for my wellness has made a huge difference!”
– C.M.

“In my opinion what distinguishes Margo from other Ayurvedic practitioners is her sincerity and her devotion to the practice as a whole. She truly leads by example…the changes that I have seen in my life and my well being have not only stuck but truly resonated with me because of her honesty and sincerity.”
– J.H.

“Margo’s sweet open-hearted spirit and insight was most welcome! Her yoga and meditation classes were like the dessert following a wonderful spiritual meal!”

“Through her instruction, Margo provides a clear light leading to the heart and soul of yoga. Her prenatal instruction blended the necessary rigor and rest I needed as an expectant mother. With a generous and gentle spirit, and without sacrificing commitment to the physical demands that yoga must present, Margo led me to find the best yogi in me.”

“I began seeing Margo with little to no understanding of Ayurvedic medicine and my main complaint revolved around my metabolic and hormonal health. Margo patiently listened to my story. She recommended herbs, tea, simple foods and modifications in food preparation, a yoga practice and routine exercise. My body really started to respond to the new protocol. In two months time, I felt like there was a major clean up effort going on inside. I lost a little weight and started to become more comfortable with the foods that work for me, and I had a fabulously smooth menstrual period without intense food cravings or significant mood swings. I learned about Ayurvedic medicine in a practical way and because of this, it made sense.”
– M.L.

“A wonderfully nourishing class!”

“Margo’s teaching is so clear and loving- perfection!”

“Margo’s yoga classes were lovely! A perfect way to deeply contemplate the Yoga Sutras.”

“I have greatly enjoyed both private and group yoga instruction from Margo. By emphasizing breath work and restorative poses she has facilitated my emotional and physical healing from surgery.”
– E.A.