Postpartum is a delicate juncture for the mother, her baby and the rest of the family.

It is a time of healing and transition physically, emotionally, socially and psychologically. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda offer centuries-old guidance and treatments to care for women and babies to achieve optimum health for many, many years to come and to help weather the challenges of motherhood.

Dr. Margo provides acupuncture & herbal medicine, and supports women and babies through treatments, education, workshops and private tutorials. She can help with a wide range of topics from planning postpartum meals and support to herbal remedies and infant massage instruction. If you live in the Denver metro or Boulder areas Margo can provide home visits for specific aspects of care.

Dr. Margo’s postpartum care can help with:

  • Breastfeeding challenges, including mastitis, plugged ducts and insufficient milk flow
  • Postpartum depression and the baby blues
  • Improving digestion, minimizing colic
  • Increasing energy and vitality
  • Balancing mood and hormones
  • Improving quality of sleep

Please read this recent study and blog about the success of using regular acupuncture treatments to treat postpartum depression.