About the Wild Rose Medicine Clinic

Welcome to the Wild Rose Medicine Clinic!

Wild Rose Medicine Acupuncture and Ayurveda is located in Louisville, Colorado, servicing the Boulder and Denver metro areas. I offer treatments and consultations at the clinic and consultations via phone and secure video conferencing for patients unable to come in person.

I strive to give my patients the best care possible!  Drawing from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurveda and western herbal medicine, with current evidenced-based research and functional medicine, I love to bring the gems from many systems of medicine and healing.

Clinical Offerings

Acupuncture can enhance the free flow of energy within the body, helping to circulate it, remove obstructions and increase energy and blood flow. While TCM has its centuries-old view of the human body its examination and treatment are effective for many modern diseases and imbalances. Acupuncture can help improve organ function, energy, immunity, digestion, hormone balance, and vitality. It is also treats chronic and acute pain successfully. I use a very gentle yet effective acupuncture needle technique.

Ayurvedic medicine carefully examines each individual persons constitution. With this base understanding, Ayurveda offers guidance on how to optimize health and well-being. Ayurvedic dietary guidance is not suggesting lentils and rice for everyone! It teaches us how to discover our unique constitution, its strengths and weaknesses, and then looks at which foods best support their health and which ones are detriments. Ayurvedic lifestyle suggestions are similar to dietary in that we look at what activities, practices etc…. will promote balance and health and which ones will hinder it. All tailored for each unique individual.

Both systems utilize herbal medicine to treat acute and chronic imbalances and to improve ones overall state of wellness. Today I use TCM patent medicine, Ayurvedic herbs (individual and custom formulas), western herbal single herbs and formulas and other high-quality, safe natural supplements.

I also use adjunctive therapies, which create a well-rounded therapeutic treatment. Every session with every patient is different. I utilize therapies that are most appropriate and indicated for the patient in front of me. Patient preference is also key! Some want just acupuncture and that is 100% OK, while others dislike needles and only want Ayurvedic diet and herbal guidance. Feel free to reach out to discuss therapeutic options for you.

Therapies include:

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acupuncture cupping therapy

*Cupping is a therapy where glass or plastic cups are placed on the skin and a suction action is created. Cupping is used for a variety of conditions from pain & inflammation to immunity and relaxation. It has recently gained wide-spread recognition from celebrities and athletes using cupping.

*Moxibustion or moxa is therapy that consists of burning dried mugwort plant material on various parts of the body. It is used for increasing immunity & energy, warming channels and points, and expelling cold, which can increase the smooth flow of blood and Qi. Moxa can help a breech baby turn.

*E-stim is also known as electroacupuncture. This therapy utilizes a pulsating electrical current that is applied to acupuncture needles inserted in the body. The patient may feel a slight pulsating sensation. This is used for a variety of situations from pain to paralysis to increasing qi and blood flow. It is used in some fertility treatments.

*Tui na and Shitasu are Asian forms of bodywork where the patient remains fully clothed and points and channels are balanced from various techniques.

*Shoni shin is a pediatric therapy that uses small tools to brush channels on the body and stimulate acupuncture points to bring balance to your child’s body. It is non-invasive, painless, and is used for a variety of conditions from colds and allergies to digestive problems to insomnia.

*Nasya is an Ayurvedic therapy where an herbal infused oil is applied to the nose and gently massaged into the sinuses. Nasya is used for many different conditions from allergies and congestion to depression and fatigue.