Ayurveda dosha self-assessment

For this exercise, go through the Ayurveda dosha chart two times. The first time, circle your choices based on what has been most consistent for the majority of your life (your prakruti). Then go back with a different-colored pen and circle choices that reflect how you feel right now (your vikruti).

If more than one quality is applicable, circle all that apply. It helps to be as honest as possible or have someone close to you fill out the chart for you. Remember that your goal is to recognize how the characteristics of each dosha express themselves in you.

Identifying your body type allows you to choose an appropriate diet and lifestyle to nurture your unique nature, ward off future imbalance, and prevent disease.

When you finish, add up the numbers of circles from each column and write the totals in the spaces indicated.




Hair dry, thin, dark, frizzy straight, fine, reddish, oily oily, wavy, thick, blond, black or dark brown
Eyes small, dry, brown, gray, black, nervous almond shaped, hazel, penetrating, green, light brown, sensitive to light big, thick eyelashes, blue, black, dark brown, calm
Nails dry, ridged, break easily clear, well formed, pink, lustrous square, white, even, thick
Lips black/brown color, dry, cracked red, yellowish, inflamed oily, smooth, pale, whitish
Body frame thin, very tall or very short, irregular medium, proportionate broad, heavy, evenly proportioned
Skin dry, rough, tans easily, cool, dark warm, light, reddish, oily, sunburns easily cool, oily, tans easily, pale, white
Joints cracking, cold moderately sized, inflamed lubricated, large
Teeth big, thin gums, stick out tender gums, medium size, soft strong gums, healthy, white
Weight gain hard to gain, easy to lose easy to gain, easy to lose easy to gain, hard to lose
Appetite variable, scanty good, intense consistent
Thirst variable excessive scanty
Elimination dry, hard, constipated soft, oily, loose thick, heavy, slow
Stamina poor, exertive moderate, driven excellent but lethargic
Sweat scanty profuse moderate
Sleep interrupted, variable moderate, light deep, long
Temperament perceptive, indecisive, nervous, unpredictable, intelligent, successful, irritable, aggressive, jealous stable, calm, attached, stubborn, greedy
Memory learns quickly, forgets quickly learns quickly, forgets slowly learns slowly, forgets slowly
Speech talkative, fast, erratic decisive, articulate slow, cautious
Dreams flying, jumping, running fiery, intense, violent watery, swimming, romantic
Sexuality cold, variable hot, intense warm, enduring
Financial poor, spends on trifles spends money on luxuries rich, saves money well


Lifelong (Prakruti) Vata_____ Pitta_____ Kapha_____
Current (Vikruti) Vata_____ Pitta_____ Kapha_____

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