Women’s Wellness Tip #1

Ready for my #1 Women’s Wellness Tip? 🌹

We lose blood from our menstrual cycles every month for most of the prime years of our lives. So it is essential to replenish and build ourselves back up-every month- for optimal vitality and wellness.

Women are prone to becoming 🩸”blood deficient”, which is similar to anemia- but a little different from an eastern perspective.

There are many overlapping signs and symptoms: fatigue, easy bruising, paleness, lightheaded upon rising, dry stools, anxiety, insomnia….and more.

So whether you are a vegetarian, an omnivore or follow any type of diet– here are some options to add post-menses. Which are you most excited about adding in?

Cheers to feeling your best self. 💥🌹😘

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